Braces (Orthodontics)

We are also preferred partners to do treatment of transparent/invisible braces. This is one of the advanced and new methods of straightening the teeth without using wire and bracket.

The advantages of this new technique of straightening the teeth without using wire and bracket is that they are transparent/invisible & removable; i.e. you can remove to eat drink, brush, floss or some special occasions. They are more comfortable and effective than conventional braces.

Facts about Orthodontics Treatment

  • Local Anesthesia:Not required.
  • Stay at Hospital:Not required
  • Pain:None
  • Cost: Cost Friendly

At Dental House, we make sure that you get the best Orthodontics treatment by the expert dentists in one of India’s top dental hospital. Our center has the best facilities and Dentists.

Children Dentistry (Paedodontics)

Dental examinations are done with digital x-rays achieving 90% reductions in radiation exposure. Oral Hygiene preventive care by our excellent team of dental surgeons helps kids in maintain good oral health resulting in less cavities / teeth problems.

We use advanced techniques like application of dental sealants / Fluoride treatments for overall cavity prevention and for greatly enhanced protection from tooth decay especially in the vulnerable molar areas.

We use Metal Free Fillings for stronger and better looking restorations , Cosmetic dental bonding for creating a beautiful bright smile, Stainless Steel Crowns (SSC) , Nitrous Oxide for greater relaxation and comfort during treatment.

Dental Implant (Implantology)

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root replacement and is used to support restorations that resemble a tooth or group of teeth. At Dental House, Tooth Implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia depending upon the case. Healing and integration of the implant(s) with jawbone occurs over three to six months after which the crowns/bridges are fabricated and attached to the implants.

At Dental House, Dental Implants are a kind of “roots” made of material called Titanium. These implants are just like actual teeth root, which are placed within the bone. These are superior and low-cost as compared to dentures because of their superior fitting and exceptional chewing and grinding properties. Working as an anchor for tooth movement, these low-cost implants are definitely a preferable option.

Our team of best dentists excels in performing complicated tooth implant surgery. At Dental House, we make sure that you get the best and the cheapest dental implantation.


Custom – crafted, natural looking and comfortable, these take a little more time to settle in than normal dentures. For these to fit in, a tiny hole is made into the patients’ bone and in this the implant is placed. The hole is around 1mm. Care is taken as not to damage the bone cells or any other nerve of the jaw-line. The entire procedure is carried out with the help of 3D CT scan. (Tooth Implant take a longer time to heal; generally 4 – 5 months. Very high sterilization and cleanliness is maintained in the entire process. )

Facts about Dental Implants

  • Local Anesthesia: General Anesthesia is administered
  • Length of Treatment: 1 hour approx. for a single implant
  • Stay at Hospital: In rarest of rare cases stay at hospital might be required.
  • Pain: None during the process
  • Cost: Cost Friendly

Dental implant is a selective option as it takes in a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. There has to be enough bone to do the procedure; plus the healing/recovery time is a little more as compared to other treatment options. Cost of this dental procedure is a little higher than the conventional methods. However, the results are long lasting and therefore, dental implant is definitely a far better option for the people in 40’s or above.

Now get the cheapest dental implants done by the best dental surgeons in one of Ahmedabad’s top dentistry clinic. Our center has the best facilities and Dentists.

Root Canal (Endodontics)

What Exactly Is Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment?

Single sitting root canal treatment of teeth is a new advancement in dentistry, which has made dental root treatment painless, less time consuming& cost friendly. In India, the single visit root canals have become very common with the patients and dentists. In many special cases, the dentist performs the entire root canal treatment of teeth in a single sitting and that too with an antibiotic coverage for about 2-3 days depending on the type of decay and dental problems of the patient.

Advantages of single sitting root canal procedure

  • Less traumatic for the patient
  • also less time consuming
  • and more cost friendly
  • Immediate sealing of root canals, lateral accessory canals gives prompt healing
  • Bacteria in completely and tightly sealed dentinal tubules get killed due to deprivation of nutrition

The Procedure

First step is to open the pulp chamber to allow access to the canals. Once open, with help of special instruments known as files the infected nerves is removed. The canals are flushed with antiseptic solution. The root canals are further cleaned & reshaped to free them of all debris. Once the canals are empty dry & clean, they are filled and sealed with biocompatible material known as Gutta Purcha Points / G.P. Points. The cavity is then filled with temporarily filling material which is then replaced with a permanent filling material like composite filling. A root canal treated tooth should be ideally capped after 15-20 days.

Dental House makes sure that all your dental problems are cured through best dentistry treatments.

Teeth Whitening/Gum Bleaching/Smile Designing (Cosmetic Dentistry)

Any dental work that improves the appearance of teeth, gum or bite is known as the science of dentistry. It is strange that why we choose to live with discoloured yellow and stained teeth when it can easily be treated. Maybe, for the simple thought that it is not considered as some disease. However, discolouration, staining or yellowing of teeth is as essential as any other dental treatment. In fact, it is a preventive measure which acts as a forearm to fight future diseases.

For many teeth whitening is something that is only for celebs. However, it must be noted that white teeth also showcase healthy teeth. It is always better to smile confidently than hide your teeth by chuckling when you want laugh loud.


At Axiss Dental, India’s largest dental clinic chian, the dentists take about 60 minutes to perform the teeth whitening treatment. This dental treatment involves bleaching of teeth using peroxide based solution. This peroxide solution gets amalgamated with the microscopic stains and gives the teeth their white shine. While such a procedure is being carried out, it is ensured that the lips and gums are covered with a layer to protect them from any undue damage. Due to the complexity of the procedure, it is made sure that the teeth whitening treatment is performed by professional dentists only.

Facts about Teeth Whitening

  • Local Anesthesia: Localised anesthesia is administered if required.
  • Length of Treatment: 60 minutes approx.
  • Stay at Hospital: Not required
  • Pain: None
  • Cost: Cost Friendly

The idea of going through the procedure of teeth whitening is not only a cosmetic procedure but also a preventive measure. However, there are restrictions as to who can get it done. Generally, teenagers or children below 18 years cannot undergo this procedure. For elders above 50 years of age too this procedure is not required and is more about their preference. For the rest, it’s a good choice.

At Dental House, we make sure that you get the teeth whitening treatment done by the best professional dentists in one of India’s best dentistry clinic.

Tooth Crowns & Bridges (Prosthodontics)

Prosthodontics is the dental specialty pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment planning and rehabilitation of clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth and/or tissues using biocompatible substitutes. Dental Prosthodontists treatment restores oral function through dentures – complete and partial, fixed bridges, crowns of various materials, implant supported dentures, temporom and ibular joint disorder etc.At Axiss Dental, withinDental Prosthodontics treatment,we offer Removable Prosthodontics and Permanent Prosthodontics along with Bridges and Crowns.

Dental Crowning is all about dental restoration. Under this procedure the decaying tooth is completely encircled to save it from degradation or breaking-out. Whereas Bridgein teeth, involves restoration of missing teeth by putting an artificial teeth in its place permanently.

Simply saying, in dentistry treatment, a dental impression of tooth is made to make a crown. Once the crown of tooth is moulded, it is implanted in the place of decaying tooth. For making a crown of tooth, restorative materials like porcelain, silver and gold are used. Scientifically proven methods like CAD/CAM, Leucite Reinforcement are applied to carry out the procedure.

In case of dental bridge problems, a bridge in teeth is made out by reducing the size of either side of adjacent teeth, and then putting an artificial tooth, made out of porcelain or composite resin. In layman’s language, this restorative tooth is called the dummy tooth. The entire process of Bridging involves three steps: tooth preparation, restoration fabrication and post – restoration treatment.

Facts about Tooth Crowning and Bridging

  • Types: Permanent Prosthodontics, Removable Prosthodontics, Crowns & Bridges
  • Local Anesthesia: Generally administered
  • Length of Treatment: 1month (can also be less)
  • Stay at Hospital: Not required
  • Pain: Moderate to very less
  • Teeth Bridging Cost: Nominal
  • Tooth Crowning Cost: Nominal

Crowns and bridges are scientifically proven and tested methods of tackling tooth decay. These are generally practiced on people in their mid 30’s and elder people above the age of 50. In rare cases, these are practiced upon youngsters/teenagers. Despite of the fact that these two procedures are so popular, one can also go for dental implants if suggested by the doctor. However, the dental implantation cost is higher as compared to the dental bridge cost.

Whichever method your dentist restores to in the end, we at Dental House make sure that you receive the best dentistry treatment!